Variety Pack Honey 45 x 16gm, Peanut butter 50 x 11gm and Vegemite 90 x 4.8

Portion Control Variety Mix

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Honey 45 x 16gm, Peanut butter 50 x 11g and Vegemite 90 x 4.8gm.


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For your convenience we have put pure Australian honey which come in round tubs for less wastage, Kraft peanut butter and vegemite.

Buying all three represents great savings.

Kraft vegemite portions 90 x 4.8gm are enjoyed by thousands of people, even international visitors know about vegemite and have to give it a try.

Peanut butter is part of the Australian diet, guest will love having the option of have peanut butter on their toast for breakfast.